Holiday seasons are always challenging times for runners. Our calendars fill up with work functions and social gatherings and over indulging becomes the norm.

If you really want to keep fit and ready for your New Years goals, here are some tips and pitfalls to avoid.

Get up early
If you are busy with all your functions and commitments, then try and get up early and get your run done before anyone is awake.

Get into the spirit
There are plenty of Holiday Festive runs, Hat race by Pirates, World Aids day run, A4 Athletics to name but a few. Enter some races so you have something to work for.

Slow or fast
Dont pressure yourself by expecting PB’s. Try and just do some slow run to ensure you just get out there.

Long or short
Run long or run short it doesnt matter, just keep going and get out there. Hangover or no sleep just get up and get going.

Holiday season running is not easy but getting out there is important.