Many of us don’t feel hungry or very much like eating after a late afternoon run, and so, we often skip dinner, only to find ourselves ravenous later that night…
My advice is to eat something light and fresh shortly after your run, between 30 and 60 minutes.
Lean protein is a good idea, but personally, I find even that quite heavy following a run.
A raw salad is a great idea, filled with fresh herbs and veggies, a bit of salt and olive oil.
My low carb Tabbouleh salad is always a hit and packed with essential vitamins and nutrients – a small bowl will do just the trick after a run or workout, providing essential nourishment without making you feel sluggish or bloated.
Go have a look at the recipe here: Low Carb Tabbouleh salad
Give it a try!
Heidi Visser