Let’s face it, us runners wake up super-early to train and especially for races!
So, mornings are precious and there’s no time to make breakfast before a run, and afterwards, well, who feels like making anything after just running a few kilometres?!

Rather, set aside a few hours on a Sunday or whenever you can, and prep ahead for the week.

I find this tremendously helpful and time-saving, as everything is then ready. After a race or training, you can just select something from the fridge and replenish your tired {and hungry} body – perfect.

All these breakfasts are full of healthy fats and protein – essential for replenishing your muscles after a long run.

Mornings are precious and these make-ahead LCHF breakfasts will make yours a breeze!
Breakfast guide: http://foodiegoesprimal.com/2016/10/11/make-ahead-lchf-breakfasts-week/
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Regards Heidi Visser