Having a running goal can help keep you focused and motivated. Big or small, but they should be personal to you and relevant to what you want to achieve. Whether its to loose weight, run non stop or even entering your first race. As you complete your goals your motivation will increase and the runs will be easier. Now the questions is how do I choose my goals. Here are some you can think about…..

Run Non stop
Running non stop for a short distance can be easy for some but not other. Start with a short goal run for 10 min and then walk. Once this is done then try running for a km and so forth. Once your goal is achieved you can move onto your next one

Run as much as you can
This could be twice a week, three times a week? By getting some continuity in your run training your running will improve as your body adapts to the consistent training.

Aim for a distance
Aim for a distance, big or small. Start with 3km if you are a starter. Once you have done that then aim for a 5m, 6km. The more you achieve the better you will feel.

Enter a race
You have achieved your distance now how about entering that race. Start with a 10km and once you have done a few you can look at 21km or more if that is where you want to go. Race days gives you something to work towards.

Loosing weight through running
You dont need to target a race if that is not your goal. If you just want to loose weight then set that as your target. Work out what your goal weight is and then see how you achieve it each week.

PB or personal best
When you have set a goal achieved it and then ran a couple more, nothing better than that. Until you run your best race or your personal best. Everytime you better your previous time you get a personal best. That is a great motivator for any runner.

Running goals can do so much for a person but its also not for everyone. If you are a walker or a runner setting a goal can help to keep you going. Just try and keep going and achieve the goals you have set. Get out there and have fun. The hardest thing to do is to put your shoes on and get out that door, the rest is easy!! If you would like any help or have any questions about running, we are here to help.