Comrades 2019 is a couple of weeks away. Your training should almost be done its just the last couple of weeks of tapering that is left. Here is some info you should know about:

  1. Date: 9th June
  2. Its an up run 
  3. Official km for 2019 – 87km
  4. Starting – City Hall Durban @5:30
  5. Finish – Scottsvile Race Course

Yes, ok so you should know this info if you are running, Im not telling you anything new. I do have some other details that could help you:

  1. 2019 Route Map
  2. 2019 Start Layout
  3. 2019 Finish Layout
  4. 2019 Finish Parking Layout

So all that is left to do now is to not get sick, get lots of sleep, study your maps, eat as much as you can and remember to go out and enjoy your run!!!! You have done the work now go and get it done. Hope that you all have an amazing Ultra Marathon!!!