Are you following a program and feel like running is becoming a bit tedious?  After a while, the comfort of a familiar route can grow a bit boring. You wake up and lace up just to want to go back to bed as you dont feel like you want to get up and running.Your program tells you about fartleks, hills and sprints but you still feel bored? Lets see how we can make it a bit more fun

  1. Sprint up some stairs: Find a school or somewhere where you can get your heart rate up and your body working in different ways. If you have a hilly race like TwoOceans coming up then this is a great way to train.
  2. Try and swop your run out: If you run at night then try run in the morning. If you run in the morning try and afternoon run. You can also try and do a shorter run in the morning and then do another in the evening.
  3. Try a different route: Maybe look at doing a trail run or getting a run in on a different route or town. A trail run might be slow but it gets you out there.
  4. Run without your watch: So use to click off the km with your watch? why not leave it at home and run how you feel. You can listen to your body and run as you feel
  5. Try a treadmill: Try run on a treadmill while watching your favourite program or sports channel. Just a different way of running
  6. Find a group to run with: if you find some people to run with a couple if times a week this could make you more accountable and they can help with changing the route up

As much as you feel that you are getting bored, dont forget you have the goal. That Marathon or that Ultra. You can and you will get through it. Change it up and you will see how different things get