Running is just running right. You put your shoes on and you hit the road. Depending on how you feel you go fast you go slow you just run. Nope…. There are 7 Types of runs….

  1. Recovery Run: a slow run that helps you recover from a fast race pace run. A longer run that is done to build muscle. When you do the recovery run you should be able to have a comfortable conversation
  2. Base Run: Short run at a normal pace not too long or too short.
  3. Long Run: Long slow run thats anything from 1 – 2 hours. You should feel tired after the run
  4. Progression run: Start slow then go to your race pace and then end slow again. Should be a challenge
  5. Fartlek: Base run which mixes intervals and varying distance/duration.
  6. Hill Repeats: Repeat short segments of hard uphill running. Increases your aerobic power.
  7. Tempo Run: easy start and then Time Trial lactate threshold, then a cool down. Increases your speed

Trying all of these can help with endurace, recovery and aerobic power