Every runner has their own routine and way of doing things. Here are some examples from great runners.

  1. They keep a running log – So for some we use our Strava accounts or Garmin  accounts to work this out but there are some that write down each run. Its a great idea to write down how you felt on the run.
  2. They prioritise fuel – Eating is as important as staying hydrated on a run. Most athletes will tell you that eating before and after a run is as important as resting or stretching.
  3. They have a support network – Running on your own is not always fun or some days getting out of bed to do a run by yourself just doesnt work. Having a network of support to call on helps you to get out and do your run
  4. They make room for rest – Rest days are as important as running days. You have to allow your muscles to recover. This is key to getting stronger and avoiding injury.
  5. Switch things up – Doing the same run can get boring but you also dont push yourself. Try and keep thing fresh run those hills and do some extra turns to get more out of your run
  6. They have backup plans – You cant always get up for that long run or oversleep or life gets in your way. Have a backup plan – tomorrow is another day or try later in the day.
  7. They remember why they run – you should be running for fun not for stress relieve. Its time to meet up with friends and concurring your goals
  8. They keep slow runs at slow runs – the best way to make fitness gains is to polarize training. The hard days should be hard but the slow long runs should be just that a comfortable, conversational pace. Recovery runs allows your muscles to regenerate and become stronger
  9. They take care of niggles before they become injuries – hamstring feeling tight? No energy? Some aches and pains are part and parcel to running but make sure if it keeps nagging to get it looked at before it becomes an injury or a big problem
  10. They are consistent – Consistent with their training. Life happens but try and stick to your training as much as you can.

Hope that some of these make you think. Every run is important and even if you dont feel like it maybe you should rest. Listen to your body it will tell you when its had enough