A Running injury can be a life changing occurrence for a runner. If you have been injured or are injured now, follow the following steps to recover. An injury starts often as a simple niggle or a dull sensation on your knee, foot, calf or hips.This could however be something serious such as a long term injury that until now has been hiding and now that you are increasing your tempo or distance it shows its ugly head.

This kind of injury can knock a runner for a six as they dont expect to get injured at all. Try some of these points to help:

Most important STOP running
As runners we must be the most stubborn creatures on earth. We have being told we cant run or that we are injured. Most runners spend their free time running, setting goals and being out there with their crazy friends.
Rather than get depressed or angry, accept what happened and stop running and seek a professional for a proper diagnosis. Do Not ask a fellow runner or a buddy as they are not a professional and their advise could injure you more.

Rest, Ice and repeat
Best to rest, ice and elevate the injury. To rest will ensure that you dont injure it more and to ice it will ensure that it doesnt swell too much. Missing a couple of days running doesnt mean you will get fat or loose your fitness.

Finding a solutions
Admitting you’re injured or ill is a first important step, but even more important is deciding what you’re going to do about it. To that end, you need to figure out what caused the injury or illness. Was there a particular moment when it occurred? For instance, slipping over on a pavement curb or running in the wrong showes? Did it come on gradually or did you do something to aggravate it?

Rest is king
Marathon training or any fast pace longer runs puts your body under huge strain, giving your immune system a proper battering – which is why we become more susceptible to common colds and injuries if you do not rest. Insufficient sleep from burning the candle at either end or due to stress, not getting your five-a-day or allowing yourself recovery time post your long run can also be a cause of an injury or even a cold.

After any long or heavy paced run is imperative that you rest until you feel normal again. Which means you don’t walk like a penguin and when you run your legs do not feel tired.

Too much too soon can injure you more and put you out for longer. So if you are out for one to two weeks don’t go back to your normal training session. Rather try short slow runs so you are sure your legs are better.

To keep your fitness you can swim, cycle, row and any strength and conditioning exercises. Any injury or illness can brake your spirit so if you rest and look after yourself your recovery will be faster. Rule of thumb if it hurts dont run and go and see a professional not a running buddy!!!!

Keep calm and run when you are ready