It’s so easy to hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off for your morning run especially seeing winter is on its way. What will it take to get you to jump out of bed, put on your shoes and head out the door? Many runners each have their different motivations, from a commitment of a race, running buddy waiting etc. The following can help you stay motivated:

  1. Commit to a race
    Sign up for that race wether its your 1st 5km, 10km or marathon. You have paid for it so you will make sure you train for it.
  2. Running buddy
    Having a friend waiting for you is peer pressure. If you commit to run with friend you will more likely find it difficult to come up with an excuse not to run.
  3. Vary your route
    Some runners get bored with the same routine or same route. Use track sessions, hill repeats, long slow runs, tempo runs and many more to vary your routine. if you vary your training sessions it an also help working variety of muscles needed for endurance and strength.
  4. Use technology
    Try using a smartphone app or GPS wathch to help you track your runs. The technology will show you how to analyse, compare your results and distance which can help you improve all the time.
  5. See your end result
    If you goal is loosing weight through running then buy those skinny jeans and hang it in your cupboard. If you have it hanging there it will motivate you to get into them. Imagine yourself looking fabulous wearing them out in a couple of months.
  6. Join a running club
    Struggling to mix it up look for a running club in your area and join them for a run once a week. This will motivate you to maybe join them and meet more people.
  7. Get new running gear
    Buying new running gear is a great running motivator. Buy the new running top or shoes, put them out the night before as this will help motivate you to put them on.
  8. Set a goal
    You need to get some running Goals. You want to run your first 15km by the end of the year and then your first half marathon by next year. This is a great motivator to get you out there and reach each goal you set and improving each time you reach that goal!

Have some quetions, looking for a club? Why not contact us and we can help you find a home for our running dreams.