I’m sure this is a question that allot of people have asked themselves or other runners. Running clubs offer coaching, comraderie and can help you reach your running goals. They could also help you just get out of bed and onto the road:)

Joining the right running club is one of the best things a runner can do

Running is always classified as “me” time, when you can be alone and get away from everything, where you can reflect whats important to you, or when you can push yourself to be the better or best you. So why would you want to be part of a runnin club? Joining a club has a stigma that is only for the elite or fast runners. Well that is not true!! Club membership can ofter instigate big improvements in your performance as you will be pushed or motivated to do more. You will also meet some like minded people who will provide memories, experience and companionship.

We all run for our own reasons. To loose weight for the summer body, keep fit or maybe you have a race in mind that you have always wanted to try. What ever your reason you will find someone on a club feeling the same as you. When you find that common groud with a running partner its much easier getting out the door running.

Being part of a club means that they help you get to those events by motivating you to enter or at least try. The vocal and moral support you get from team-mates can often be the difference between a good run and a great run.

Being part of a club motivates you to get out the door, when you look out the window and see some team mates running past your home, you will be lacing up or be upset the rest of the day thinking you should have. If you go to any race you will see club member all over the field from elite, being on the podium to middle of the field even last.

Being part of a running club doesn’t mean you have to commit. You still have the freedom to do whatever you like whenever you want. You do however have a friend you can call on if you can’t get the motivation right or want to go to the race alone.

Being part of KRC has been some of the best times of my life. I have made some great friends, done some silly runs and have only bettered myself through it.

Dont hesitate to be part of a great running club, if you want more information on our club go no further.

If you have any questions do ask

thx Marelise