We all go through EXACTLY the same thought process when we make a step up in distance. Whether it is going from 5 to 10km, 10 to 21km, 21 to 42km or from a marathon to Comrades.

The thought that crosses everyones mind is this:

“There is no way I can do double the distance feeling like I feel now.”

The good news is that is normal.

If you build up slowly, the small wins along the way will allow you to believe that you can do it.

We looked at that aspect of your training, particularly around making the step up to Comrades on the Ask Coach Parry Podcast. You can have a listen to what it takes to prepare yourself mentally for Comrades.

If you’re running the Old Mutual Two Oceans (The Ultra or the half) then you’ll want to check this out.

Something I get asked a lot too is whether or not you can break your weekend long runs up or swop them around. This post will answer that question for you.

Our next Coach Parry Comrades Marathon Online Seminar is happening on Wednesday. We’ll once again be covering what you should be doing right now and what you should be focussing on for the next 4 weeks.

You can register for the online seminar by clicking here.

And finally we’ve got some great news to share. Our team here at Coach Parry headquarters is expanding and we are super excited to welcome Devlin Eyden onboard.

Devlin is a phenomenal cycling coach and we are looking forward to doing in the cycling space exactly what we’ve been able to do in running.

We released the first Ask Coach Parry Cycling podcast today. It’s on nutrition and you can check it out here.

If you’re looking for individualised coaching you can sign up now and we will also have a whole bunch of online seminars coming up to help you become a better cyclist.

Brad and I look forward to catching up with you on Wednesday (register here).


Coach Parry

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