Welcome back lets hope 2016 will be a great running year for everyone. Normally when the new Year starts everyone thinks about setting goals. I think runners think about their goals throughout the Year!

But here are a few tips around setting goals for your running:

  • make sure your goal has a personal meaning – something you feel is right for you
  • a goal needs to be very specific – like I want to run a Marathon, 5km etc
  • it should challenge you but be specific in the challenge – I want to run the 10km Valentines race
  • you also need to make sure its realistic – if you want to run a marathon in 12 weeks and you havent even put your shoes on its not realistic:)

A goal keeps you motivate and can help you with your running achievements.  You can better your time or increase your distance just by setting goals. You can have a short term goal of running faster or a long term goal of wanting to increase your KM that you run. Make sure you enter that race that marks your goal and work towards that.

At KRC we like to help anyone wanting to start as runners or anyone wanting to increase their Km. We are all Crazy about running so if you want more information why not contact us.

Marelise da Silva