written by Gillian Keartland

In the interest of promoting an enjoyable running and racing experience for everyone, I encourage good runners’ etiquette. Whether running in a group or running alone, always follow the Road Safety Guidelines.

Whatever the pace, wherever the race, manners matter.

The following are my pet peeves:

  • If you are going to spit or blow your nose on the ground please move over to the side of the road so it does not land on another runner!!!
  • If you need to stop to walk or tie your shoe lace etc please look behind you before you stop so another runner doesn’t come crashing into you.  Runners are not psychic and know that you are going to stop
  • Please consider other runners when you decide that it would be nice to carry a tambourine or whistle for your entire run and think that everyone will enjoy it.  Some runners like solitude and either have to pull back and run slower to get away from the noise which messes with their race time or have to try and run like hell to get away.
  • Do not shout or talk at the top of your voice so everyone has to hear your entire life story for the duration of the race.
  • Say thank you to the Marshalls, Waterpoint helpers and Metro Police.  They are out there for a long time.
  • Do not litter – where possible use the bins provided – on the route and at the finish

I am a runner and these things bug me (I am sure you can tell ) and I am sure I am not the only one!